**Mindfulness Meditation

**Mindfulness Meditation

Join Jeannette for gently guided meditations to bring awareness to what is happening in the body and mind and to create space to pause and meet ourselves with more kindness.

Our weekly sessions include time for practice, guidance, connecting and exploring in community through sharing and Q &A, and ideas on how to bring our practice into daily life.

What can you expect in our meditation group?
A weekly meditation group can be a wonderful grounding to your practice and an invitation to cultivate your practice during the rest of the week.

Sessions begin with a gently guided meditation to help us settle in, followed by a 20-30-minute silent meditation period. We will emphasize experiential practice, including instructions for sitting and walking meditation, and explore how we can bring this practice of presence into our everyday lives. If you are new to meditation, let Jeannette know, and she will be happy to provide meditation instruction.

Sitting meditation is followed by a short break, to stretch and use the restroom. Sessions will include time for practice, talks, guidance from Jeannette, and time for sharing and Q&A. Please, come join us!

Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am beginning Sept. 13

Register here. Contact Jeannette at info@jeannetteeaton.com to learn more.


 Open: September 13, 2023
 Next: October 4, 2023