**Visionary Circle

**Visionary Circle

As beings that originate from nature, we are more than meets the eye. We’ll explore inner beauty as a path to connecting with Spirit

Through shamanic journeying, toning and meditation we’ll meet Compassionate Helping Spirits and Overseers of harmony, beauty, wisdom, and life for guidance and to help hold sacred space.

We’ll discuss the difference between Core Shamanism and Traditional Shamanism and explore how our energetic make-up communicates with nature, spirits, and our land.

We’ll use the Shaman’s Eye to see our inner beauty and harmony within our bodies and examine our faces and the energy behind them to learn how we radiate energy.

Led by Carmen Elsa de Guadalupe Abramson

Sundays 11:00am- 12:30pm

The circle will resume on September 24. Class Fee: $25-$35 sliding scale. To register and for schedule informaiton, please email Carmen at 108infiniteenergy@gmail.com


 Open: September 24, 2023
 Next: October 8, 2023