Elena Mamatas

Elena Mamatas

A central premise that guides my work is the deeply held conviction that trauma is not an illness or pathology. Rather, I think of trauma as a nervous system injury, or as set of adaptations that are no longer useful or necessary. With the right support, these patterns can gently be digested, released, and reintegrated into new ways of being that are liberating and expansive.

Body-based trauma healing modalities like Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Sensitive Yoga have helped me immensely in my own healing journey, and the benefits I’ve received from these practices are what primarily ignites my passion for sharing this work with others.

I have a personal passion around understanding the various ways that trauma moves through the generations and landscapes, rippling through time and culture. Exploring my ancestral legacies—both the gifts and the burdens—has been an important part of how I’ve come to understand myself and the ways that both trauma and resilience ripple through the generations.

The core specialties of my practice are evidence-based, clinically-supported trauma treatment protocols. Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is recognized by SAMSHA as an empirically validated treatment for complex trauma and treatment resistant PTSD, developed and refined by leading researchers in the fields of trauma and psychology. Similarly, Somatic Experiencing is widely supported as an effective trauma resolution approach that can be applied to traumas of all kinds.

When we work together, my role is to facilitate an experience supports your natural, innate capacity to heal and release outdated patterns, ultimately creating space for more ease and creative flow. To that end, I am here to share tools and to help create a supportive and compassionate container so your body’s deep wisdom can lead the entire process.