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Taking a Stand for Public Health: A Yoga Teacher’s Pledge to Covid-19 Safety


Even as we exceed 2.5 million Covid-19 deaths worldwide, the insidious spread of denial and disinformation continues in certain yoga and wellness circles, along with a cynical backlash that has mischaracterized our field of predominantly independent, local teachers as a hotbed for such harm.

We invite you to join us in this commitment to public health. Let’s reaffirm

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Much of the Yoga Community is Getting its Covid Response Right. Here’s Why it Matters.

In those first months of the pandemic, with election tensions rising, signs of Covid denialism appeared across a broad spectrum of society.  Yoga and wellness folks were no exception, capturing the attention of many who were surprised at the disconnect of such a group, often known for an emphasis on health and unity, openly disregarding or contradicting public health guidelines.  … Read the rest

A letter to the white ‘Yoga and Social Justice’ workshop leader who accidentally sold the dynamics she was claiming to dismantle.

Right Action or Performative Propaganda?

I recently attended a disastrous yoga workshop about action and collective change. I’m pretty wary of the mainstream yoga world, but even I was shocked at the disconnect between the message and the methods. I’m not sure how or why this celebrity-status teacher thought that perpetuating dynamics of oppression and harm on the mat would … Read the rest

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