Wellness Guidelines for Yoga Students

With cold and flu season never too far away, we at Shelburne Falls Yoga would like to request that any student with active cold or flu symptoms, or other contagious illness, refrain from attending class until contagious symptoms have passed. We know this can be a bit of a judgement call, but typically colds are contagious just before onset (including the mild sore throat phase) and for an additional five to seven days. For flu, it can be a bit longer.

While many of us carry some New England stoicism around continuing our activities while sick, and it may work for some, it can be impossible to know whether your neighbors on the mat are struggling with immune issues, undergoing cancer treatment, dealing with extreme stress or poverty, or caring for elders at home. For these folks, and for all of us, we’d like the yoga studio to be a place to come to support health & healing. Let’s all do our part to minimize sharing viruses when possible this season!

If you are feeling under the weather, staying home is better for you too! While yoga is a great preventive health tool, too much physical or energetic activity while ill can rob your immune system of the resources it needs to heal. Practicing when sick can set us back, despite our good intentions. So, if illness does come your way, grab a cup of tea, roll around or try some gentle yoga at home, take a nap, and join us next week. We’ll save your spot, we promise

Thank You!

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