Welcome to Shelburne Falls Yoga

Classes are Now Running at our New Location at The Mill!

We are all enjoying our beautiful new studio space on Conway Street.

Come see the river view from the other side of the falls!

We have the same classes, teachers, and schedule as before, plus a few new additions! We look forward to seeing you there.

How to find us at our new location:

-All classes will now be held at our new location at The Mill, 49 Conway St., Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

-To find Conway St. from our previous location, cross the iron bridge to the Buckland side, take a left, and travel along the river.

-There is a small sign indicating which driveway to enter.  When approaching from the village, ours will be the next driveway on your left after you pass the Lamson Factory store.  The driveway is between the tan corrugated building on the left and the brick building that is close to the road.

-To park, there are several options.  Wehave a sign indicating parking for Shelburne Falls Yoga in an area to the right of the driveway, but this area will only hold about 10 cars.  You are also welcome to park in any available spots closer to the building, and there will be two spots to the left of the door for anyone who needs closer access. There is additional parking on Conway St., to the left just past the Mill buildings.  This area will not be sanded, so please watch your step if you park there, and do walk along the sidewalk/road and down the driveway with our sign (as opposed to the second driveway, which is a bit bumpier this time of year).

-Wherever you park, please be mindful of other tenants and be sure to keep the roadways clear.

-Landscaping will be happening this spring and summer.  In the meantime, there may be some mud at times.  We’ll be out sanding every day, and will do our best to make your parking experience a smooth one!

-The studio is accessed through the “G” entrance.  We will have a sandwich board there to show you where to enter and explain how to find us.  It’s easy-  we’re right at the top of the stairs.

-Feel free to contact Kate if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Shelburne Falls Yoga serves students of all levels, ranging in age from 3 to 93. Everyone is welcome here! Our beautiful and spacious studio overlooks the Deerfield River and Salmon Falls, and our dedicated and experienced teachers are committed to helping you work toward greater health, well-being, and self-awareness through skilled instruction in yoga, movement, and meditation.

We actively foster an environment in which your goals, needs, and intuitive wisdom take precedence over external performance or conforming to outside instruction. We value the process of inquiry and honor the multi-faceted, ancient, and evolving tradition of yoga. Compassionate self-observation is at the core of our offerings, and we engage in an ongoing exploration of how this core can be extended outward in acknowledgement of the collective needs of our shared world.

Our studio is a beloved place of respite and community gathering for many, where you will also learn and practice skills in body and mind that can serve you in your health, work, and relationships throughout your lifetime. We hope you will join us!

A note:  Yes, we do have two Kate's here at Shelburne Falls Yoga! And we both have French last names beginning with  "P", which has confused a few folks.  SFY Director Kate Pousont Scarborough teaches the weekday morning classes at 8:30, Monday afternoon gentle class, Tuesday and Thursday evening classes, noontime co-op yoga, and the individual yoga and bodywork sessions.   Kate Peppard teaches Saturday morning yoga, Tuesday noon yoga, and Friday evening monthly restorative.  We hope you'll come meet us both!


Fragrance-Free Studio Reminder

It has been a common practice for yoga spaces to provide a haven for individuals with chemical sensitivies, and Shelburne Falls Yoga is no exception.  We have been "fragrance free" for more than a decade.  For those who are not prone to such sensitivities it can be easy to forget. For those who are, practicing in an enclosed space next to a perfume wearer can have significant health impacts that last well beyond class time.
There are quite a few members of our studio community who have this level of sensitivity to scented products, including some of your teachers.  Please remember to refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions, hair products, and laundry detergents when visiting the yoga studio. Scented dryer sheets are another common culprit.
Also, please remember that we do ask students to refrain from attending class with contagious illnesses like cold or flu for similar health reasons. In both cases, this can be a wonderful opportunity to lean into the practice ahimsa (non-harming) and to help ensure that the studio remains a place of health and healing for all. We thank you in advance for your consideration!



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