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Don't forget about our new location at The Mill at Shelburne Falls, 49 Conway St. Suite 201.


Join Us in The Studio!

Online Classes Continue As Well


We're thrilled to be back with you at the studio, and we will also continue with all online classes on an ongoing basis!
Due to the increase in Covid rates, masks are once again required for in-person classes.
Class size has been reduced to 8 for the time being.

Mondays  8:30-9:45 am: Intermediate Kripalu Yoga -ONLINE and IN-PERSON, with Kate Pousont Scarborough 

A moderately paced class appropriate for many levels, this practice includes meditation, warm-ups, and standing & seated postures, with an emphasis on breath, attention, and safe, easeful movement. This class will take place live in the studio, with a Zoom option available for those who prefer it.

-CLICK HERE for Zoom registration.

 -CLICK HERE for in-person registration. (capacity 8)


Mondays 4-5pm: Gentle Yoga- IN PERSON, with Kate Pousont Scarborough

Class includes an opening meditation, warm-ups, gentle posture flow, seated postures, and savasana (final relaxation). It is gently strengthening, deeply relaxing, and accessible to a range of levels. 

-CLICK HERE to register. (capacity 8)


Tuesday 6-7 pm:  Yin Yoga- ONLINE, with Kate Pousont Scarborough 

Yin Yoga is a physically gentle practice that emphasizes stillness, internal balance, and meditative focus. The class includes some gentle warm-ups, and a long yin yoga sequence. It is suitable for beginners, and easy to adapt for individual circumstances due to its slower pace but is also ideal for advanced practitioners looking to explore the realms of deep focus and attention.  

-CLICK HERE for Zoom registration.


Wednesdays 9-10am: Vinyasa Flow, ONLINE, with Kate Pousont Scarborough

A lively and challenging yoga experience, this class emphasizes a balanced and attentive approach to vinyasa flow, with core sequences and seated postures also included.  Previous yoga experience recommended.  

-CLICK HERE for Zoom registration.


Thursdays 3-4pm: Gentle Yoga- IN PERSON, with Kate Pousont Scarborough

Class includes an opening meditation, warm-ups, gentle posture flow, seated postures, and savasana (final relaxation). It is gently strengthening, deeply relaxing, and accessible to a range of levels.  

-CLICK HERE to register. (capacity 8) 


Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm: Slow Flow Yoga- IN PERSON, with Kate Peppard

A balancing, strengthening, and rejuvenating yoga class for a range of experience levels, Slow Flow Yoga combines moderately paced posture flow and seated posture work with some yin postures and gentle movements for a strengthening, balancing, and calming yoga experience.

-CLICK HERE to register. (capacity 8)


Fridays 9-10am: Gentle Kripalu Yoga- ONLINE, with Kate Pousont Scarborough

A favorite of beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this class emphasizes a coordination of breath and attention with gentle, flowing movements as well as seated, supine, and restorative postures.

-CLICK HERE for Zoom Registration. 


Fridays noon-1pm: Moderate Yoga- IN PERSON, with Kate Pousont Scarborough

Please note: This class will not meet on 6/17. All other classes (including Friday morning on Zoom) will meet as usual this week.

This moderately-paced yoga class includes gentle warm-ups with a focus on internal alignment as well as still and movement-based postures to promote strength, balanced flexibility, and easeful and intelligent movement choices. As with all of our yoga classes, the session ends with a cool down and savasana (final relaxation).

-CLICK HERE to register (capacity 8) 


Online classes will continue with the same links we’ve been using since the start of Covid. If you’ve already attended, no need to re-register. If you’ve lost your link, feel free to sign up again with the links above. All are welcome! (After registering, you will receive a confirmation email just once, with the link and password needed to access all future meetings of that particular class.   Please keep your confirmation email for future use.) These classes will be recorded and are available by request for viewing for up to 4-5 days after each class. Email Kate Pousont Scarborough to place your name on the recordings list.


Registration & Protocols for studio classes-

In-Person: Masks are now required for in-person classes. Class size will be limited to 8. Registration opens one week prior to the class date and is required each week.  Use the links above to reserve your spot. 

The studio has four large hepa air purifiers in use during and after classes. Mats and blankets are not available for use at this time, so please bring your own. Blocks, straps, and bolsters are available for your use. We ask that you aim to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to your class time. (Set-up takes a little longer these days, so the studio will likely not be open more than 15 min. prior.)


  • Please do not attend if you have had a known exposure to Covid-19
  • Please do not attend if you or any household member are experiencing symptoms of contagious illness (flu, cold, Covid etc.)
  • Please cancel your registration to make room for other students if you are unable to attend for any reason.
  • We are following an honor system as regards vaccination and illness, and trust that all will respect our policies and mutual agreements. (Opinions will likely differ as regards these protocols, but our focus is on mutual respect, honesty, and abiding by community agreements rather than determining who is "right".)


Payment & Pricing Options:
For in person classes: We will be returning to our usual pay rates and method. Cash and checks are preferred for in-person classes to help avoid the increasing paypal and venmo fees. This helps to keep our class prices lower. Sliding scale rates and work trade are available. (For more information, click here)
For online classes, Standard class rates are suggested, but we will continue with the "pay from the heart model" for those who need, no questions asked.  We are using the honor system for all online classes.  Pay what you are able & keep track at home. (To see our standard class rates, click here.)
For payment for online classes, you can specify your chosen amount and pay by credit card using the link below.  Other payment options: venmo Kate Pousont/ @shelburnefallsyoga or mail a check made payable to Shelburne Falls Yoga to 49 Conway St. Suite 201,  Shelburne Falls MA 01370. Thank you!

A note about class cards:  All your pre-Covid class cards are still in the file, and they are still valid!  We'll continue with the class card option, but, given the capacity limits and general upheaval, there will be no expiration dates through the summer of 2022.

Shelburne Falls Yoga serves students of all ages and level of experience . Everyone is welcome here!

You’ll find us in our beautiful new studio space at The Mill at Shelburne Falls, in the historic renovated Lamson and Goodnow factory buildings. Our bright, spacious studio still overlooks the Deerfield River and Salmon Falls (from the other side of the river), and our dedicated and experienced teachers are committed to helping you work toward greater health, well-being, and self-awareness through skilled instruction in yoga, movement, and meditation.

We actively foster an environment in which your goals, needs, and intuitive wisdom take precedence over external performance or conforming to outside instruction. We value the process of inquiry and honor the multi-faceted, ancient, and evolving tradition of yoga. Compassionate self-observation is at the core of our offerings, and we engage in an ongoing exploration of how this core can be extended outward in acknowledgement of the collective needs of our shared world.

Our studio is a beloved place of respite and community gathering for many, where you will also learn and practice skills in body and mind that can serve you in your health, work, and relationships throughout your lifetime. We hope you will join us!

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